Tech Ruler

I will rule you and your puny technology!

…but seriously, thanks for stopping by. I’m in the process of assembling the parts and info for my latest build, which I’m heretofore referring to as the Tech Ruler 2010 Monster Rig, or TR2010MR (until a better title comes to me).

I’ve been distracted for a while helping a friend navigate the maze to apply for social security disability benefits after he became too ill to work in the oil fields in Texas. You cannot believe what one has to go through. The forms don’t seem too difficult online, BUT obviously there was something “we” didn’t do correctly since his application was turned down as was his reconsideration request. He was almost ready to give up even though he really was submitting a valid application. Our solution arrived when I went online and found a Social Security Disability lawyer in Texas to help out with the VERY important appeals hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. I’ve gotta tell you. Our Texas Social Security Disability lawyer was terrific. Not only did he prepare the whole case but he also prepped my friend for the hearing, which went great. His application was approved and he now has social security disability benefits. Of course, nothing is free when it comes to lawyers. But the 25% of the benefits the lawyer received and the 75% of benefits my friend received was well worth it. My friend would never have seen a nickle in benefits otherwise! So now I am back from that experience and am ready to get building!

My goal is simple; with an upper extreme unbreakable limit of $1000 (and I’ll be happy not to come TOO close), I want to see just how much of a PC I can get.

I’ll admit that I am happy to accept donations. Perhaps you could send me gift baskets fill with some goodies to nibble on and a few tasty drinks to slurp while I am working. But probably the best gift baskets would be those filled with electronic components that will help with my projected goal of building a TR2010MR.

Unlike many similar online projects, I’ll actually be thinking of a bit more than just getting the most ‘bang for the buck’ by using components to get the best benchmark scores.

You see, unlike most PC builds, this one will probably last several years. SO don’t just send one gift basket to see me off. I will definitely need a number of gift baskets arriving over the next few years to keep me sustained and entertained. Did I mention I like puzzles: so throw a couple into the gift basket along with some cheese and crackers, something sweet, popcorn, and some drinks. I will let you all know when I have completed the Tech Ruler 2010 Monster Rig, so you can then ship me some celebratory gift baskets as well. Don’t forget the champagne and caviar. And please add some champagne flutes as well.