I’m older than many of you, and not as old as some. There are even a few of you out there who are the same exact age.

This would not be very helpful information if I didn’t follow it up by saying that I was in the midst of the computer revolution when there was still a hyphen in the name Microsoft. I was enough of a geek to skip class to go to the computer lab, which in our case was a small dark corner of the library with two TRS-80s.

I’m not pretending to be an uber-hacker or even a minor tech. I’m just a guy who has some familiarity and experience with the computer world. I’ve learned the basics of a bunch of languages, but I’m not an expert on any of them (though I’m pretty decent with DOS). I can design, install, and troubleshoot various systems and components, but I can also get just as stumped as anyone when something doesn’t work right and there’s no logical reason…

But being around a bit I get to appreciate some stuff that’s even older than me. Like my old car – a 1969 Ford Mustang which is only getting older an closer to the junk yard as we speak. But some old shit gets more valuable as time goes by. Like vintage movie posters. I found a couple in my parent’s house while cleaning out their attic. Turns out one Buster Keaton poster could have covered the down payment on a house. I found out this fact by visiting Ralph Deluca’s website and then sending him a photo of it so he could appraise it for me. What a great experience! A couple of other posters had some marginal value, but that one biggie really made my day. But I’m not often stumbling into great luck, mostly living a life of confusion and trying to enjoy what I’ve got with little regard to what others think about me.

Luckily, I don’t really lose any sleep over anonymous strangers losing confidence in me, so it’s not a big deal. If the stuff that I’m doing on these pages has any use or relevance to you, I’m glad. If not, I’m sure you can find a more suitable destination…or contribute to make something even better than I could make alone!

Oh, and I’m in my thirties and living in the Mojave Desert with spouse and pets. But I could always be lying, after all…

If I were, you not only wouldn’t know, but even I might not if I pursue an anti-aging regimen like those using natural male hormone treatments. Lying about my age is easy if I’m 60, but look like 35 because of hormone replacement therapy. And why wouldn’t I lie? If the drugs make me younger looking, and feeling, then I AM younger and it matters not that bioidentical testosterone is involved.

The truth is in me in general, but so is mischief. Sometime to too great an effect. But I have no intention to deceive you, I really am more interested in learning about stuff and experiencing life than I am in deceiving you. And I like you demand the truth above all.

So, I’m really not a liar, but a conjecturer. Unless I’m lying…

The thing is, none of you will even know… I could be telling you the exact truth or I could be tossing that right out of the window in favor of a much more colorful story… Well those of you who know me the best, already know what the truth is about the matter at hand… The rest of you, please continue reading and I am sure you will know soon.

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