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I fully expect that all three categories put together comprise maybe one-half of one percent of the people on the web at any given time. Plus, the sheer chances of that one-half of one percent of the people actually finding this site are pretty astronomical (I’m sure most of them have much better things to do).

Throw in the off-chance than anyone will be motivated to come up with anything at all to say after reading the content on this site, and I’m pretty safe in my assumption that I’ll have an extremely low potential comment base.

But don’t let that stop you! I’ll be more than happy even if I wind up with nothing but a series of butt-reamings over my choice of Intel over AMD, or ATi over Nvidia, or PC over Mac, or air over water, or Windows over Linux (well, for that one I choose…both!).

I also tend to prefer blondes over brunettes, but it doesn’t mean that I hate brunettes, or am willfully ignoring the amazing results that many people have had with brunettes. I’m more than willing to take the right brunette into my home, mod her case a little to improve airflow and aesthetics, and then play games on her all night long!

I prefer to use moving companies rather than to ask all my friends to come help. It is much more timely and you can get it all done in a day.

I don’t want to start trouble, but thinking about lower prices and hotter chips (plus my decade or so of experience replacing components) has encourgaged me to at least consider the possibility that AMD and Nvidia may simply be making generally cheaper, lower-quality products. Just like no amount of neon tubing will turn your Kia into a muscle car, no amount of cooling will raise inherent chip quality, and there are many ways a chip can fail that have nothing to do with heat.

I don’t know that’s all true. I have plenty of people who tell me it’s not true. But in the end, I’m building a PC for myself. And I’ll feel happier (and slightly poorer) if I go with the brands that have given me more reliable performance in the past.

We’ll get into that a little bit more in the next few days. I’ll talk a little bit about my goals, my restrictions, and my prejudices (AMD and Nvidia fans should probably attend a quick pre-emptive anger management course before reading!).

I’m kinda like that Texan who everyone expects to be a redneck, but ends up buying drinks for everyone out of guilt or loneliness.

As always, any questions, criticisms, updates, corrections, and especially tips on better deals will always be appreciated!

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