Thanks for stopping by. I suppose the whole idea of a guestbook page is a little quaint at this point (hell, it was worse than quaint a decade ago, when more people had them); I should be directing you to my Twitter or Facebook or whatever. Except that I’m really not all that interested.

I don’t mean that I’m not interested in your comments. That is incorrect. I’m just not all that interested in social networking as a whole. On the web, as in life, I’d far rather be away from the crowd. My idea of interesting has nothing to do with glamor, or appearances. If you are into the vanity arts, it’s only interesting to me in that I think in most cases elective cosmetic surgeries ares not necessary. I realize this will turn people off, but if you agree that looks are not part of intelligence, stay with me. By importance of looks I do not just mean cosmetic surgery, I also mean if you value expensive clothing and shoes, or look down on jewelry that looks just as beautiful but isn’t a real diamond- if you judge those who would wear wedding cubic zirconia rings because it is not a diamond, than this is truly not the place for you. Cz rings are not purchased to be a status symbol, and an online merchant that sells cubic zirconia rings is not selling stature or class. Some find beauty in cubic zirconia rings for the sake of beauty and are oblivious to stature. The literal transparency of who we are as individuals is what truly matters, does it not? Not to get on a soap box, but here, it’s not about the perceived social hierarchy, but about true human potential. It’s one thing if someone is truly disfigured, and the cosmetic surgery serves a purpose of betterment that isn’t just pure vanity. Just like if you have family heirlooms of diamonds, rather an cubic zirconia. I had a friend who was seriously disfigured due to burns she sustained in a DUI truck accident. The driver was on all sorts of illegal drugs and crashed into her car. It’s amazing she actually lived. Anyway, the resulting fire scarred her quite badly. The structured settlement from the lawsuit was significant, allowing her the necessary surgeries. You may not know but there are two basic types of structured settlements: life certain and period certain. A life certain structured settlement payout option will give you income for the rest of your life. With a period certain structured settlement option, you will receive money for a certain number of years, and then your payments will cease. Although some might say they were for vanity, I can’t equate them to someone who gets botox in the lips cuz they want to have fuller lips. Perhaps when I get older, I will have a different take.

However, I am extremely interested in feedback:  constructive criticism, valuable tips, or even completely random amusing troll droppings.

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